Oslo Cathedral Boys Choir is administratively part of and regularly participates in services and musical performances at Oslo Cathedral in Norway.  As well as arranging and performing our own concerts, we perform with other choirs on a national and and international level. The choir has performed together with with the Norwegian Opera and Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, and regularly cooperates with professional musicians and singers. Among the highlights of the choral season are our Chistmas concerts.  We also produce our own CDs.  Details of past performances and events may be found in our News section.

The choir is based on the English choral tradition where the boys sing soprano.  Alto, tenor and bass voices are provided by adult members of the choir. All choir members receive individual singing tuition from the choir’s own vocal tutor.

Oslo Cathedral Boys Choir was founded by Terje Kvam and Carl Høgset in 1985.  However this was not the first boys choir in Oslo Cathedral’s history.  During the 19th Century, the Peblingene (Oslo Cathedral School Choir) sang at services in the Cathedral. Later on in the 20th Century, Arild Sandvold formed a boys choir called Oslo Domkor which sang in the Cathedral until aprox. 1940.

Boy soprano voices are a time-limited resource and do not last forever.  Therefore we are dependent on regular recruitment of new sopranos if the choir is to maintain its optimum size and high quality.  If you are over 6 years old, your voice will not break for a while,  and if you would like to sing in the Oslo Cathedral Boys Choir, then please take contact with our conductor (dirigent) or vocal tutor (stemmepedagog).

You are also welcome to attend one of our choir practices (currently Tuesdays at 4pm but please check).

Initially, new recruits without previous experience will start in our Aspirant (trainee) group, led by our vocal tutor. For further information, please see our Contact Information.